Friday, August 20, 2010

NAV 2009 Role Tailored Client Development Quick Start

I am muddling my way through adding some classic client items to role tailored client in NAV 2009 and thought I would keep track of things that I found to be difficult. The most helpful resource online I have found so far is on MSDN:

Pages - These are simple to create and add fields to, but you can't format them beyond changing captions.

Menus - These are very confusing, there are 2-3 types that all have to be updated if you create new pages and want your users to have access to them:
--Menu Suite - You have to create NEW menu suites, separate from the Classic suites - go to New and select "Design For.. Role Tailored Client"
--Roles - Users are assigned to different roles (See Departments -> Administration -> Application Setup -> Role Tailored Client), so you have to update all the pages tied to the roles that are related to the page you have created. The pages are found in the 9000-9999 range.

Page Links/Actions - To create links between pages you have to add actions. Open the Page, select a blank line at the bottom of the list of elements, select View Actions.

You can create several types. Here is some more information on Actions.

Some key info: For basic stuff, the actions go into an Action Container, either RelatedInformation or ActionItems. You can have then show with their own icon if you indicate they are Promoted in their properties. You have to indicate which group they show up in. There are 3 default named groups, New, Process, and Report. You can assign names to several additional groups in the Page Properties.

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