Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SSIS is Buggy

I spent 2 days creating a package to move data from a Dynamics NAV SQL database to our ActionPak database and got it working.

2 weeks later I decided to break the single package into multiple smaller packages since the execution frequency was not the same on all of them only to find that one of the objects would crash Visual Studio if I tried to delete it.

I had to copy and paste all the variables and other objects out into new packages, then re-assign the data sources on all of them. Then I had to re-write the object that was crashing visual studio by hand. That cost 8 hours.

The offending object had a data viewer on one of the connectors that was causing the crash so from now on I am not leaving any viewers in my projects, I will delete them before saving and exiting, and I am going to make my packages as small as possible so I don't loose 100% of my work if one glitch like that happens again.

SSIS is also very slow to refresh the screen, and the properties are very painful to edit. I hope the next release is a lot smoother.

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